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I pride myself in learning and translating the newest technology so that I can pass this along to you!

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My success rest with my knowledge of the technology where I can then pass that success on to you.

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Latest technologies.

All my services incorporate the latest trends and technology so that you can benefit from having state of the art tools for your business.

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Great networking.

Networking is at the root of my knowledge and it is through those connections that I am able to provide you with the best of the best.

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New opportunities.

I always have my eye on the newest ideas so that I can offer you solutions for your business that show your customers you are cutting edge as well.

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Stay in touch.

Communication is key and it is my desire to share what I know with you. If you have a question that you just cannot find the answer to feel free to ask me and let's see if we can solve your problem together.

My Professional Interests.

This site is dedicated to my professional view on web & graphics design, building the best professional grade computers, networks and servers for small businesses and power users.

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Technologies I Use