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Server Permissions Explained

Unix/Linux permissions can be a confusing thing so here is a full explanation on how they work and how they differ on Unix servers.

The basic unix permissions come in three flavors;

Owner Permissions : These are permissions that you have on your own files or directories.
Group Permissions : These are permissions that you and anyone in your group have on the file files or directories.
Other Permissions : These are permissions that other people have on your files or directories if not you, or in your group

So, in Unix, when permissions are configured, the server allows you to define different permissions for each these three different categories of users. In a Web Serving environment these permissions are used to control which website owners can access which directories and files.

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Registry Cleaner Free Version

Found this great tool on TechRepublic and as I always value their opinion and recommendations I decided to give it a try. Registry bloat is a leading cause of a slow unresponsive system. Finding a quality tool that properly analyses and is capable of cleaning the registry without causing other problems is not as easy as one might think. I am very cautious about using programs that can cause my computer to become a brick in an attempt to make it run better. Before I knew what the registry was I tried quite a few of these types of programs and found myself spending a long weekend rebuilding my system because the software bricked my computer.
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How to setup that new computer for first run

So you have a new computer and you are ready to start installing your software and surfing the Internet. Many new PC owners fail to do any more than just that and this can lead to a stalled system or worse yet an infected computer.
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Are you using an older operating system?

If you are like so many others and are not ready to cave in and buy a new computer then you are opening up yourself to infections from bot-related malicious software. That is according to the just released Microsoft Security Intelligence Report that covers the first half of 2010.
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