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Protect Yourself From COPPA!

So we have all been hearing how Google is passing the buck onto YouTube creators and putting fear into everyone with their vague explanation about it and even less informative about how to protect yourself.  I have a lot of channels I follow and I am seeing them drop like flies, they are deleting all their videos and shutting down their accounts out of fears that the FTC is going to fine them for something they never had control over in the first place. The fear is real, so dont think you can just ignore this and that you will not be affected and if you do upload videos to YouTube you need to heed this warning because it could cost you EVERYTHING if you ignore it! I ran across a great video made by an actual lawyer who has done a fantastic job explaining what is going on, what COPPA even is and what you should be aware of. So I urge you to go check out Ian Corzine's video titled What YOUTUBE's Not Telling You About COPPA.

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