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How Not To Get SUED!

Small businesses are often easy targets for lawsuits. A study in Maryland found that 30% of small business owners surveyed had been sued in the past five years, while 42% had been threatened with a lawsuit in the same period. Many litigants figure that small companies who typically don't have attorneys on retainer will often settle for something rather than incur the cost of seeing things through. While there's no magic coat that can be worn to protect a business from legal actions---justified or not---there are measures you can use to greatly reduce your exposure.
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Beware the Domain Renewal Group!

If you own a domain then you need to be aware of the low life scum that inhabits the world of domain renewal. This Canadian scum that hides behind the name of Domain Renewal Group, Domain Registry of America or Liberty Names of America. Scans the domain registries with no more couth than a virus or cancer cell crawls around in your body. I have talked with this idiot and he absolutely does not care that he is a scam artist working within the limits the law, claiming to be of high intelligence no less.
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