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Offline Promotion Methods Of A Web Site

Once you have a new web site for the company, the next item on the list is how to make the web site popular. There are a number of online methods which area possible but you should not forget the possibilities which the offline media has when it comes to promoting a web site. Here are some options which often get missed as an opportunity to market a corporate website:
  1. All corporate communication items should carry the web site address. If you have a recently developed web site, it might happen that you would need to get new visiting cards and office stationery printed to incorporate the change. Our recommendation would be that you should go ahead and do it as this is one of the best ways to get the web site address across to your customers, suppliers and even employees. It is also advisable that employees in the company should be provided with a corporate email so that they can promote their web site address as part of the email address.
  2. Within office premises. It is a good idea to have some posters or any kind of subtle marketing material which promotes the web site address within the office premises. If your organization has recently created a web site, this will help in promoting it to the employees who will subsequently promote it to the customer base. Promoting the web site address within the office also helps in attracting the attention of customers who visit the office.
  3. All outdoor and print advertising. If your company engages in any kind of print or outdoor advertising then they all must carry the web site address in a prominent way. This is one of the best ways to deliver more from a print advertisement as well. if you want to promote your web site via games and competitions you can have a print advert campaign which has just the web site address to titillate the users and they would be encouraged to check out the web site to see the details of the competition etc.
  4. All proposals and presentations. Most organizations make proposals and presentations for customers. Mentioning your web site address in these documents also helps in creating a positive impression on the customer. The mention does not need to be very prominent. It can be simple and understated and those who are keen to notice will do so for sure.
  5. In packaging material. If you are a consumer goods company, there is bound to a be a lot of packaging material which is developed within your company. The web site address should be included in the packaging material and the web site should have all relevant information about the products as well. This is one of the best ways to promote the web site.
  6. Complimentary gifts. Many companies buy corporate gifts which need to be distributed to customers and suppliers during festive occasions. It is very difficult to put a lot of content in one small complimentary gift and thus printing the company logo and the web site address would be perfect. The recipient of the gift can look up the website in case they are interested in the company and it stays in the mind of customers for some time to come.
  7. T-shirts and employee motivation items. Company t-shirts and any other item which is created for employees should also carry the web site address so that it can be seen by people in trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. This is another great way to promote your new web site.
  8. You can use a multitude of ways to promote your web site in the offline world. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.
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