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Offline Promotion Methods Of A Web Site

Once you have a new web site for the company, the next item on the list is how to make the web site popular. There are a number of online methods which area possible but you should not forget the possibilities which the offline media has when it comes to promoting a web site. Here are some options which often get missed as an opportunity to market a corporate website:
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Editing Images

Don't have Photoshop or don't really have the skills to edit and resize images? Pxlr is a free online editor that you can use to make basic edits to any image. I know being in the web design business it is often difficult when a client sends me images that I must first optimize and resize before I can work with them. This tool not only saves me time but gets the client more involved in the website development. I send them to Pixlr and they can make all the edits to the images before they send them to me.
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Not a Photographer?

Many of my clients need a website for their business. It is a constant issue explaining to them that they do not need a gallery. If your business is not to sell your skills as a photographer. Then don't think that you have to have a gallery of your products or services.
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Web Design Consultant

Are you building your own website or thinking about it? With the increasing cost of doing business both online and off small businesses are finding that their skill set has to increase if they are going to have the impact they need to keep the doors open. Taking on the task of creating your own web presence is a daunting task and the knowledge necessary to create an effective website should not be considered lightly.
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