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Help Grow Your Online Business

With Shipwire you are free to take care of more important business. Shipwire will provide the storage space and handle all the delivery of your products from one of their many warehouses around the country and across the globe! No matter how big or small your business is, Shipwire can assist you in getting your products to your customers no matter where they are.

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Business Name in Page Titles

Using your business name as a key phrase is the very first mistake that we all make. If it is used at all for a title, it certainly does not need to be used for more than one page of your website.

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Webmaster is a Loose Term!

Every blogger or person that has created a Blogspot blog, Wordpress blog or Tumblr blog that they update every once in a while consider themselves to be a webmaster in the loosest terms imaginable. These self proclaimed "webmasters" don't have a clue about conversions, click through rates, backlinks, domain autority, mobile performace, or a slew of other statistics that determine the performance and health of a website.

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Do It Yourslef Web Design is Over!

Web savvy surfers are no longer paying any attention to websites that look like something out of t 1980. If your business website does not have a professional appearance you will not be taken seriously. While doing research on computer businesses in my home town I was struck by some of the saddest websites I have seen in 10 years in fact many of them are at least that old.
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Can your webmaster code?

If you have or are looking for a webmaster the first question you should ask them is if they can code? If they answer no then you should reconsider them as your webmaster and if you are looking for one do yourself a favor and don't hire one that cannot code the site.

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