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Business Name in Page Titles

Using your business name as a key phrase is the very first mistake that we all make. If it is used at all for a title, it certainly does not need to be used for more than one page of your website.


Think about it for a moment.

Unless you own a BRAND NAME BUSINESS like Dell Computers or Microsoft, people are not going to type the name of your business into the search bar.

Understand that when people are looking for a product or service on the net they are looking for something specific.

They are going to type the phrase that they think will lead them to the product or service with the least hassle.

ONLY RARELY does the key phrase they choose include YOUR business name.

Consider the following page titles:

  • GNC Web Creations - Color Concepts
  • GNC Web Creations - SEO Techniques
  • GNC Web Creations - SEO Training Class
  • GNC Web Creations - Custom Website Banners

Here's the problem. The above phrases will all show up on the first page of search results for GNC Web Creations.


The internet public will search for the services we provide.

People do of course search every day for SEO Training, but this leads us to the second part of the challenge that occurs when using your business name as the page title.

The first words in your key phrase carries the strongest weight.

Choose any key phrase and research it in the search engines. Take the time to truly study the difference between the top five results for a search phrase vs. second and third page results. Take notice that the further you get down the list the deeper the terms you were looking for are in the title? (The only exception to this will be major companies with thousands of links coming to their site that use the actual key phrase for the link - more on this later)

What this means - If I start every title with my business name it is robbing the most effective space in the title from my true key phrase and diluting the strength of the key phrase that is actually searched for. (moving me down in the search engine results)

The most important fact to remember when optimizing your site, is that search engines will return search results in the exact order of their perceived relevancy to the search phrase requested.

The more relevant your site appears to be, to the search requested, the HIGHER your listing will appear in the results.

The key to success on the internet is really very simple.

You have to be on the FIRST page of as many DIFFERENT search result pages (for different pages of your site) as possible.

Once you have selected the best possible key phrase for the pages you have selected to optimize, you're ready to title those pages and are already well on your way to creating a site that will be successful in the search engines. (more on this later)


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