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Webmaster is a Loose Term!

Every blogger or person that has created a Blogspot blog, Wordpress blog or Tumblr blog that they update every once in a while consider themselves to be a webmaster in the loosest terms imaginable. These self proclaimed "webmasters" don't have a clue about conversions, click through rates, backlinks, domain autority, mobile performace, or a slew of other statistics that determine the performance and health of a website.

They are clueless what the terms html, css, javascript, jQuery or the many other code libraries that are used to build a website are. They purchased a template from some club, installed it on their site and for all practical purposes it does look OK so long as they dont go messing around with the code, which a true webmaster would be comfortable doing. Yet they advertise to their friends and family who are as clueless as they are and because of that see what they have created and think they did it from scratch so they tell all their friends they know a webmaster.

This is where the trouble begins and without a second thought the would be webmaster starts building websites for people and small businesses charging for their work labeled as a webmaster. The problems begin when the client needs something special done on the site or needs a specific look and feel that the wanna-bee webmaster does not have the first clue how to do. They sub out the work on one of the many freelance forums in hopes that they dont get discovered. They may luck out and get someone that actually creates what they need

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