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The Impact of Google's Mobile-Friendly!

The Impact of Google's Mobile-Friendly!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks you already know about the new changes Google will be implementing on April 21. In case you have not heard Google will be rolling out a mobile optimization algorithm According to Google's Zineb Ait Bahajji of the Webmaster Trends Team, she was quoted as saying that the algorithm will be used to expand their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and this change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in their search results. This is set to be the largest update we've seen from Google to date in terms of how many sites will be affected. Bigger than Panda and Penguin! This algorithm is an expansion of their mobile ranking demotion algorithm em that they launched back in 2013.

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SEO Explained



The bubble effect is mostly to blame for why a website appears to be losing search position. Search is not obvious anymore and the search engines have placed a profile on you (not your site) where they are only showing you things they think you want to see and you do not have a choice in the matter. There are ways to combat this but it takes proactive action on your part to help get your site noticed. I am going to layout some basic SEO guides here and I will try and be as logical as I can so you can follow along with this. I am going to assume you know nothing about optimizing for search results and how SEO works even though you might. I would rather you have all the data as it exists today.

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If you build it They Will Come!

Kevin Costner stared in the hit movie "Field of Dreams" where he built a baseball field after being told by a ghost that "If he builds it They will come". Although this works for Hollywood it will not work for your website. No matter what web developer you find to build your website it will not attract visitors simply because it exists!
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A great system for building backlinks

OK so I am somewhat green to building back links on my websites. I can say though that I have been building websites for the last 9 years and full time now for the last 4 years. So with that I can tell you that I have learned a great deal about how these systems work and I have found (through a very good friend) a system that not only looks promising but has the ranks and stats to prove it. Best of all the system is free, of course as with any good system they do have a pro version that has added benefits.
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Questions You should not ask an SEO firm!

If you are ready to get your website listed with the search engines (search engine optimisation or SEO for short). Then you need to know what to ask an SEO firm some qualifying questions before you will know they will be able to benefit your campaign.  I am going to give you a list of some questions that you may be tempted to ask but should avoid. The problem with SEO is that there are allot of fakes out there that will claim they can get your site ranked in the top ten of a search result. The fact is there is no straight forward method that can make this claim a reality. I will be posting on the questions you should be asking but first some important ones that you should avoid. The only reason to ask these questions is after reading this blog post, you will understand the caveat and know if they answer wrong. Then its a sure bet they are only going to take your money and will not provide you with the services you really need.
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