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Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn’t Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter (And 5 Easy Ways to Do So!)

The new Google Penguin update was a big change that has been very unsettling to SEO’ers, both blackhats and whitehats. It seems that everywhere you go, people who had previously considered themselves to be “professionals”, are now dumbfounded as their stable authority sites have moved from ranking in the top 5 for competitive keywords, to not ranking at all.

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How to Layout Your Articles for Your Website

One of the most important areas of a website is the content, the reason you are building the site in the first place. I wanted to talk for a moment on how to best build this content in a way that will save time and help you organize your written word.

When I assemble the content for a client and ask for the articles they want to start with on their site I normally get it in a mass bundle with relevant titles to each page. The downside to getting it this way is that I don't know what comes first, what is most important and what is or should be considered supporting articles?

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Javascript errors

Nowadays almost every Joomla extension uses JavaScript to create a more responsive website for a better user exprience. Mostly all JavaScripts rely on a JavaScript library like jQueryMootools or others. Using different scripts on a webpage can cause conflicts between them. This tutorial helps you to detect and resolve these script errors.

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It Only Takes One

It only takes one site that is not up to date to allow a hacker access to the server and all its bounty. Not neglecting to update a website when there is a security release is paramount to ensuring that the server and all the other sites on it are secure. Even in our due diligence we can have many sub domains where we may be testing or building the next big thing for our clients and it is these sites that are the most vulnerable because once we are done we move on to other things and will likely forget about them until it is too late!

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Who Should Manage Your Domain?

The domain name system is not hard to understand but yet those who are not technically savvy tend to rely on an agency or a web firm to manage it for them. There are pros and cons to this but first we need to understand how all this works so you have a solid understanding and know the risks that you are taking by not managing your own domain name.

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