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Beware the Domain Renewal Group!

If you own a domain then you need to be aware of the low life scum that inhabits the world of domain renewal. This Canadian scum that hides behind the name of Domain Renewal Group, Domain Registry of America or Liberty Names of America. Scans the domain registries with no more couth than a virus or cancer cell crawls around in your body. I have talked with this idiot and he absolutely does not care that he is a scam artist working within the limits the law, claiming to be of high intelligence no less.
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Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

The other day I had a client ask me what the difference was between a Web Designer and a Web Developer? I take for granted that those who are not familiar working with websites understandably do not know the difference. Or that a person can use the title of Web Designer to misrepresent themselves to a client without actually lying to them.
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Learn to spot a phony Web Designer!

Web designers are becoming more and more common and it is becoming harder for people who don't know web design to spot the real ones from the fake. With web development tools becoming increasingly smarter. More and more wanna be web designers are popping up making the claim that they can build you a website.
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Can Ad Agencies Be Web Designers?

Brand management has been the fiefdom of advertising agencies for many years, but, as the Internet continues its conquest of the world of media, companies must include web sites in their media planning strategies if they hope to compete.

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Types Of Websites

Web Sites require a combination of technologies which help in create web pages. In this article, we will discuss some of the technologies which are used to create web sites and their contribution to web design. As most of the technologies are moving ahead with new versions, we will discuss the basic features of the software and not the version which is currently active:
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