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Generating Secure Passwords

Making a secure password with conventional means has always been problematic and for those that do not take online security seriously or think that they are not subject to being hacked tend to ignore these methods and opt for an easy to remember password that is inherently insecure. Studies have shown that even with the most secure formats that we use today they have found that these passwords can be relatively easy to crack.

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How to Backup a Joomla Site without Akeeba Backup

There are situations where using Akeeba Backup is not an option. One such event would be if you neglected to keep you site updated but updated Akeeba itself. While the developer does keep older versions available if you are not prepaired and keep backups of these older versions you may be left high and dry. Before there was great tools like Akeeba Backup we had to perform these backups manually. While different website control panels offer different ways of getting to the required features I will only be describing how to do it on cPanel.

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Business Name in Page Titles

Using your business name as a key phrase is the very first mistake that we all make. If it is used at all for a title, it certainly does not need to be used for more than one page of your website.

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Webmaster is a Loose Term!

Every blogger or person that has created a Blogspot blog, Wordpress blog or Tumblr blog that they update every once in a while consider themselves to be a webmaster in the loosest terms imaginable. These self proclaimed "webmasters" don't have a clue about conversions, click through rates, backlinks, domain autority, mobile performace, or a slew of other statistics that determine the performance and health of a website.

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SEO Explained



The bubble effect is mostly to blame for why a website appears to be losing search position. Search is not obvious anymore and the search engines have placed a profile on you (not your site) where they are only showing you things they think you want to see and you do not have a choice in the matter. There are ways to combat this but it takes proactive action on your part to help get your site noticed. I am going to layout some basic SEO guides here and I will try and be as logical as I can so you can follow along with this. I am going to assume you know nothing about optimizing for search results and how SEO works even though you might. I would rather you have all the data as it exists today.

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