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Do It Yourslef Web Design is Over!

Web savvy surfers are no longer paying any attention to websites that look like something out of t 1980. If your business website does not have a professional appearance you will not be taken seriously. While doing research on computer businesses in my home town I was struck by some of the saddest websites I have seen in 10 years in fact many of them are at least that old.
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If you build it They Will Come!

Kevin Costner stared in the hit movie "Field of Dreams" where he built a baseball field after being told by a ghost that "If he builds it They will come". Although this works for Hollywood it will not work for your website. No matter what web developer you find to build your website it will not attract visitors simply because it exists!
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Do you know where your site is?

Many people think they are getting a great deal at $5.95 a month for their web hosting. Little do they know that they may be sharing not only the server they are on (which is common) but also their IP. Which could be also hosting a site that is scamming others, selling porn or worse used to phish unsuspecting users. If you have a website and want to check that your website is not being blacklisted. There are some great sites that will help you find out.
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Can your webmaster code?

If you have or are looking for a webmaster the first question you should ask them is if they can code? If they answer no then you should reconsider them as your webmaster and if you are looking for one do yourself a favor and don't hire one that cannot code the site.

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Setup Proper Site Navigation

When setting up a websites navigation a rule of thumb that I try and follow is to have between 6 and 8 wide and no deeper than 3. However this can be difficult to do with larger websites but the smaller your navigation list the easier it will be for your sites visitors to navigate and find what they are looking for.

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