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Social Branding Part 2

In part one we took a look at the why and now lets look at how to create an effective Facebook page so you can amss fans, manage comments and the best practice methods to grow your fan base. First we need to decide on the best tools to use for the job and there are a lot of them out there! Like anything else though there are good ones and there are bad ones and we do not have the time to test them all.

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Filter all Articles Within Nested Categories in Joomla 1.7

It has been a real pain to work with the articles that are nested inside sub categories in joomla 1.7. Why this was overlooked is still a mystery but one we should expect with this new nested category structure. The problem is when you filter a category in the article viewer, the only articles that currently show up are those that are in the selected category. If you want to see articles that are nested in the sub categories in the one you are viewing you have to select each category one at a time to see the other articles.

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Social Branding Part 1

Let's face it, if you are new to the web and just starting out with a fresh new website to increase your market audience. It does not matter how popular you or your brand is locally or how loyal your brick and mortar customers are. It is going to be like starting over from the very beginning trying to get your brand to be trusted with a new audience.

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Steps for Akeeba Backup

There is some confusion on how to move a Joomla website using the powerfull Akeeba Backup tool. Although this is a very straight forward process it can seem daunting to those who have never used it before. I assure yuo that there are no hidden processes or tricks to using this tool and here I will give you a very straight forward tutorial on how to move through the process of moving your Joomla website using Akeeba Backup.

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The secret to finding clients

For quite a while I was noticing that others in my field did not seem to have any problem finding clients while I struggled to get just a few. I often wondered what the magic bullet was that they had and I didn't? As a self-employed professional it has been a long hard uphill battle solving this problem but I found out that it is not magic and there is nothing special that my competition was doing. It is all based on your principles and how you act on the every day events that happen.

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